Originally built in 1860, the building acted as a municipal meeting house, a high school and firehouse.

The station has undergone many changes in its long history.  Originally built as a three story structure the third floor was removed in 1907 leaving the basic structure you see today.  Around 1958, the three door configuration was altered to one door to better serve the type of apparatus the company was using.

The last major change was in the 1960’s.  The company changed the front facade and added a kitchen and utility room on the first floor.

In mid-2016, additional renovations were made to the interior.  With the selling of Engine 228 and Rescue 28, additional space was required to house Truck 28.  Removal of 1 set of stairs and an reconfiguration of the other set of stairs created the additional room necessary for the Truck.  


Today, we house two pieces of apparatus in the engine bays.  A fully equipped bunk room allows for a live in program which could be of use to students at one of the many surrounding institutes of higher learning.

The facility is also used by other community organizations for training and meetings.

Since 2000, numerous upgrades and repairs have been to the firehouse.  This has included a new HVAC system, repainting of the interior, doors and bay door, repairs to the foundation, and a security system.

Visitors are always welcome.  Please, stop in.


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