Truck 28 to Silver Spring Twp. for the Garage Fire

January 18 2013. Last night,  Truck 28 was dispatched as part of the first alarm to a reported garage fire in Silver Spring Township in the area of Carlisle Pike and Appalachain Drive. Chief 33 (New Kingstown) arrived with a working fire, with fire beginning to extend towards the house.  The Truck arrived on scene and conducted roof operations, checking for extension, and verifying the fire had not spread horizontally. No injuries reported.

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Photos by: Ed Kodish

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Truck 28 featured on cover of 2013 Ferrara Calendar

The new Truck 28 is getting national attention by being featured on the cover of Ferrara Fire, Inc’s 2013 calendar!  If interested in a calendar, please visit Ferrara Fire.


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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Washies!

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2013 Officers

The following are the Administrative and Fire Officers for 2013:

President – Ronald Trace
Vice President – Douglas Hench
Recording Secretary – Christopher Trace
Financial Secretary – Joseph Metallo
Membership Secretary – Kenneth Kise
Treasurer – Timothy Yeakle
Assistant Treasurer – Virginia Kise

Board of Directors – Douglas Hench (Chairman), Michele Motter, Sean Forsythe, Brian Snyder, Kenneth Kise

Fireman’s Relief – Christopher Trace, Kenneth Kise, Ronald Trace, Koni Hench

Fire Chief – Andrew Bixler
Deputy Chief – Michael Fahringer
Assistant Chief – Casey Leinberger
Captain – Brian Snyder
Lieutenants – Koni Hench, Lynn Fernbaugh

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One Overturned in the “S” Curves

At 11:14 am, Companies 28 and 27 were sent to  Box 28-06, Allendale Road and Jenna Court at the S Curves for a vehicle overturned. Chief 27 (Warner) was advised that the police department was on scene with one occupant still in the vehicle. On the arrival of Engine 128 and Rescue 28, the occupant was self extricated. Rescue 27 arrived and was canceled on scene. Crews remained on scene til the arrival of the towing company and cleared shortly at 12 pm. Company 28 had 8 personnel on scene.

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Remembering Jim Beistline 1940 – 2012

Today, members of the Washies attended the funeral services for member James “Jim” Beistline. Jim joined the Washies in 2008 but had many years in the fire service, previously serving as Fire Chief and Fire Marshal of the former Williams Grove Fire Company in Monroe Township. While Jim was only a member for a short time period, he brought a lot to offer to the Fire Company and put smiles on faces and memories that will last a lifetime with the guys and gals. The governor, as called by many, was a go to guy if things needed fixed around the firehouse or the apartment house next door. For his hard work in effort, at the 2012 banquet, Jim was honored to be awarded the 2012 Robert E. Dietrich Memorial Award for all his hard work. We ask everyone to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers over the holiday season. Jim will surely be missed.

Special Thank You to the Upper Allen Township Fire Department for providing Truck 23 at the cemetery to form an arch with Truck 28.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

On Saturday, Santa Claus is coming to the Washies. St. Nick will arrive at around 12 pm by Firetruck. From that time on till 2pm, children of all ages will have the chance to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what he/she wants for Christmas. A light lunch will be provided as well as a goodie bag for each child. Families are encouraged to bring their cameras for photo oppurtunities. If you have any questions, you can call the firehouse at 697-9877.

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Sunday Townhouse Fire goes 3 Alarms in Upper Allen

Just after 4 pm, Engine 128 (with 7) was dispatched as part of the 1st alarm assignment to Upper Allen Township, 600 block of Allenview Drive for a reported house fire. Chiefs 23 and 223 marked up right after dispatched advising a heavy column of smoke. Engine 128 arrived after Engine 223, finished their split they to the nearby hydrant. The crew went to work right away, assisting with fire attack, primary/secondary searches, water supply and throwing ladders. Truck 28 (with 3) was dispatched on the 2nd alarm assignment. On arrival, the Truck setup and went to the roof to assist Truck 23 with opening up. Rescue 28 was dispatched on the 3rd alarm assignment and assisted with safety and cleanup. Crews operated for 3 hours with no injuries to report. A total of 5 townhouses suffered damage. Engine 19 (West Enola) stood by while Company 28 was at the fire. Company 28 had over 20 personnel assist or standby at the station.

While operating on Allenview Dr, Engine 228 (with 3) was dispatched to a Working Mobile Home Fire on Rolo Court in Upper Allen Township. Upper Allen PD arrived on scene and knocked the fire down with a garden hose. Engine 313 (West Shore) and Truck 36 (Mt. Holly) who both were covering Company 23 arrived on scene and held units on scene. Engine 228 was placed available while enroute.

Just prior to midnight, Company 28 was dispatched for the rekindle of the townhouse fire in Upper Allen.


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Hurricane Sandy Staffing

At 1300 hours today, Cumberland County 911 went in to Status 3 mode requiring departments to be staffed. Throughout the day, over 20 personnel have been staffing the station. The staffing will be in effect til atleast 0900 hours on Tuesday.

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Monday Brings Fire Prevention, 3 Calls including a Working Fire

Yesterday, the daylight crew headed to the Kindergarden Academy to do the yearly fire prevention program. Well over 200 students were in attendance. While presenting the importance of fire safety, Engine 128 was dispatched to assist EMS with Lifting. Crews then returned to finish the class.

Just after returning from fire prevention, Engine 128 (with 3), was dispatched to the Churchtown section of Monore Township to assist on a 2 alarm house fire. The engine arrived and assisted with fire control, salvage and overhaul. Engine 128 cleared after 3 hours. Dauphin County Engine 37-1 (Rescue-Susquehanna Twp) provided coverage for the station while we were operating. We thank them for transfering since most departments in the area were on the incident.

Then around rush hour traffic, both Companies 27 and 28 were dispatched to the 1st-block of West Main Street for a Fire Alarm. Engine 128 arrived first in with normal conditions. Crews investigated and found no problems. The box was cleared in 30 minutes.

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