Rescue and Truck on Hampden Twp. Garage Fire

Around 4pm, Rescue 28 (with 7) was dispatched to Hampden Township for a reported garage fire.  Units arrived on scene with a working fire.  The crew from the rescue was split, 4 members performing a primary search and the remainder throwing ground ladders.  Truck 28 (with 2) was also dispatched.  Crews also assisted with salvage and overhaul.  Company 28 had 12 members on scene.  Thanks to York Co. Engine 65-1 (Franklintown) for the transfer.  No injuries reported.  Picture below shows conditions prior to Fire Departments arrival…..



Photo courtesy of Chief 28, Andy Bixler

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Annual Award Banquet

On Saturday, at the 155th Annual Awards Banquet, the following received awards:

Top Ten:
1. Alex Goldman
2. Chris Trace
3. Sean Forsythe
4. Joey Metallo
5. Ken Kise
6. Lynn Fernbaugh
7. Ron Trace
8. Chris Turnbull
9. Pete Faranov
10. Bob Spangler

Top Driver – Joey Metallo

The Top Ten is awarded to members with points totaled from all fire calls, trainings, meetings, fundraisers, etc.  We do not include the fire officers in our Top Ten as they are expected to perform their duties diligently throughout the year.

The following awards are decided upon by the winner’s peers.  At the end of the year, members are asked to submit names and reasons why the individual deserves the award. The first award is the Robert E. Dietrich Memorial Award. Bobby unfortunately passed away in 2007 and left a big hole within the Washies family.  The Washies was his family and called it his home. He always went above and beyond for the department.  Any member within the department is eligible.  The second award is the Joseph Beigh Junior Fighter Award. Joey loved working with the younger members in the department and unfortunately lost his life in 2003.  This award is presented to a member between the ages of 14-18, who shows him/her self as the future of the department.

2012 Robert E. Dietrich Award – Sean Forsythe
2012 Joseph Beigh Junior Award – Chris Bixler

Congratulations to all the award winners.  We can never thank you enough for your time and effort!  It definitely does not go unrecognized.

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Engine, Truck & Rescue Assist With Early Morning Building Fire

Truck 28 working on the roof

Truck 28 working on the roof

This morning at 7:29, Truck 28 & Rescue 28 were dispatched to the 33-101 box, in Silver Spring Township along Trindle Rd. for smoke from a body shop.  Chief 33 (New Kingstown) arrived confirming a working fire.  Rescue 28 (with 4) arrived and split the crew, one crew pulling a second line from Engine 133 and the other crew providing manpower to Truck 28 (driver only).  Truck 28 then went to the roof, opening up at the peak on the A/B side. Engine 128 & Utility 28 responded as well and provided relief crews to the truck.  Both Safety Officers assisted as well.  Company 28 was on scene for about 2 hours with 11 personnel. A special thanks to Dauphin Engine 37-1 (Rescue of Susquehanna Twp) for covering the borough.  No injuries were reported.  Thanks to Curt Werner for the pictures

Truck crews switching out.

Truck crews switching out.

Additional Pictures can be see here: Sentinel Photos


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TROT and the Truck

Sunday, February 10th, saw 2 calls for the Washies.  First, the Company was alerted to Lurgan Township for an animal rescue as part of the Cumberland County Technical Rescue Team (TROT).  4 members responded and were cancelled while en-route.  Later, the Truck was dispatched to Silver Springs Township for a chimney fire in Hogestown.  Crews arrived on scene and assisted the Township companies with roof operations to ensure the fire was extinguished and that it had not extended beyond the fire place and chimney.  The Truck was released after 30 minutes.

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Truck goes to work on 2 Alarm Fire in York County

Just before 1600 hours, Truck 28 (with 5) was dispatched on the 2nd alarm to York County, Carroll Township for a Commerical Building Fire. The truck crew arrived and was put to work right away assisting first alarm companies with opening up the interior rooms and fire suppression. All crews were then evacuated due to another possible building collapse. After Truck 23 (Upper Allen) completed master stream operations, the crew then went to the roof to open up and hit some hot spots. The truck returned after about 2.5 hours. No injuries to Co. 28 firefighters.

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Truck 28 to Mount Holly on 2nd Alarm for Building Fire

January 29th:  Truck 28 was dispatched at approx. 0330 as part of the 2nd Alarm assignment, to PPG Industries in Mount Holly to assist on a building fire.  The Truck responded with a crew of 5.  Once on scene, the crews were initially staged in manpower at the rear of the building.  A short time later, they were called to assist with interior operations which consisted of cooling the leaking molten glass.  Crews rotated, in shifts, until released by Command at appox. 0745.

IMG_6981            IMG_7615

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Saturday brings 2 runs including work in Hampden

Currently, Engine 128 (with 5) is operating on the scene of a house fire in Hampden Township. First arriving units had fire in the B/C corner. More information will be provided as available. York Engine 65-1 (Franklintown) is currently transfered to Co. 28’s quarters.

After 10am this morning, Companies 27 and 28 were sent to Heinz Rd in the Borough for a Fire Alarm. Engine 128 (with 4) arrived with normal conditions. The crew from the engine and Chief 127 walked to the warehouse with nothing found. The alarm was reset and units were placed in service. Chief 28 had the command.

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2 for Thursday

With 3 yesterday and 2 more today, the total has been 5 runs in the past 24 hours.

This morning, Company 28 was dispatched to a residence in the 800-blk of East Coover Street for a Co Detector Activation. Captain 27 arrived and advised it was potentially a faulty detector. Rescue 28 (with 6) and Engine 128 (with 2) arrived and confirmed the faulty detector. Chief 128 had command.

Not long after crews returned, units were dispatched for an Automatic Alarm at Citizens Bank on the square in Mechanicsburg. Engine 128(with 4) arrived and had normal conditions. They were met by maintenance on scene confirming work being done on the furnace with normal conditions. Chief 228 on board Engine 128 quickly held it to the Engine and placed the remainder in service.

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3 for Wednesday

Wednesday, January 23rd, saw frigid weather for the mid-state and 3 calls for the Washies.  Rescue 28 was dispatched around noon to Hampden Township for an odor of something burning inside a residence.  Crews were on-scene for approximately 15 minutes while the source of the odor was found.  About 4:20 pm, the Rescue was dispatched to Monroe Township for a reported auto accident w/ possible ejection.  Chief 25 placed the Rescue in service just at it arrived on scene.  The day was completed w/ the Truck being dispatched to Carrol Township, York County, for a reported building fire along Route 15 about 10:20 pn.  The Truck was placed in service by York County Communications shortly after responding.

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Transfer and Call Together

On Tuesday, January 22nd, Engine 128 was dispatched to transfer to York County Station 65, Franklintown, to cover their area while they operated on another scene.  Just after going responding on the transfer, the Borough Companies were dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at Northside Elementary.  Chief 128 arrived on scene and found it was the result of a small child who had accidentally pulled the alarm and placed the box available.

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