Early Morning Work in the 27 Box

Just after midnight and most of our members just got home from cleaning up from Jubilee Day, CC911 dropped the tones for a reported garage fire in the 400-blk of South York Street. Chief 8 (Seagrist) was advised of multiple calls and arrived with a working 2 story garage with fire showing. Engine 128 (with 7) arrived right behind Engine 127 (Citizens) and supplied the 5 inch supply line. The crew from Engine 128 pulled 2 handlines off Engine 127 and knocked majority of the fire down with the assistance of Company 27 personnel. Crews initially did an exterior attack due to the condition of the garage and for the amount of items being stored throughout. Truck 28 (with 2) and Rescue 28 (with 2) arrived and assisted with opening up the garage. Company 37 and WSEMS also assisted. Company 28 was on scene for about 2.5 hours with a total manpower of 19. The PSP Fire Marshal is investigating.

A special thank you to Engine 230 (Hampden Township) for transferring while we were committed.

Also, a special thank you to Eric Staub of Staub’s Photography for the photographs. We appreciate the work you are doing!

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A Successful Jubilee Day is in the books!!!!

Yesterday, the Washies had plenty of food fun and games available for the crowd of 60,000 people in attendance. As a place with seating for our patrons, we have never disappointed the people in our home cooking. By 8 pm, we sold out of food! In recent years past, we have been unable to do this. The big hitter this year was our Sno Kone & Cotton Candy stand! During the day, the line would hit 15-20 people deep just to wait. We appreciate the support from the community as this was our most SUCCESSFUL Jubilee Day ever for the Washies! We thank everyone who came out and supported us throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Just after the “lunch rush'” ABC27’s Meteorologist Ryan Coyle stopped by the firehouse to check on the local food. The crew from ABC27 then videotapped our line workers, interviewed our Vice President Doug Hench and ultimately featured our Master Cook, President Ron Trace cooking our Chicken Corn Soup on kettles. Thank you to ABC27 for stopping by, we appreciate the coverage! You can check out the video here: http://www.abc27.com/video?clipId=9013324&autostart=true

A big thank you to all the members who put countless hours in for Jubilee Day. Jubilee Day for us is not just a one day event. It takes many days before and the days after to prepare, setup, clean and put away all the things we do for just one day. Again, thank you to all of our members and families for the time spent putting into this 1 day event!

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19 Years Ago today – Truck 8 assists with Fathers Day PennDOT Building Fire

Information Courtesy of Central PA Bravest:


On June 16, 1994 at 0607 the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire B-Platoon was awakened to Box 1-1, 800 Commonwealth Ave at the PennDOT building for an automatic fire alarm. First in units discovered a large area of the 6th floor to be heavily involved with fire. The incident quickly escalated to 5 alarms plus numerous special calls and was brought under control in 2 hours and 14 minutes.

The Harrisburg Bureau of Fire turned out 51 firefighters to the scene and the surrounding mutual aid companies turned out over 200 volunteer firefighters. Environmental Protection Services was special called to set up a mass decon after asbestos was discovered on the fire floor. This massive decon took several hours to decontaminate over 250 firefighters, their gear, equipment and SCBA.

Multiple Firefighters were also treated for heat stroke, exhaustion and other medical conditions due to the high humidity and tempratures being in the mid 90’s.

Local area EMS was also taxed due to this large scale incident.

The PennDOT building was later imploded on August 1st 1998 due to extensive damage on three floors of the building. Click the link for additional information and a short clip of the collapse http://reamstown.org/gn/pendot.htm

Chronology of the incident:

0607- Tower 1, Engine 6, Wagon 4, Squad 8 and Chief 8 dispatched for an AFA, LT 8 (Bair) on the interior eventually found heavy smoke and fire on the 6th floor and requested a 2nd alarm.

*** 0622- 2nd alarm Tower 2, Wagon 3 and Chiefs 1, 2 and 3 ***

Transfer, Engine 30-1 to City Station 2 (The Hill), Cumberland Truck 12 to City Station 1 (Uptown) and Truck 32 standing by at Station 32.

*** 0630- 3rd alarm Engines 30-1 and 37-2, Cumberland Trucks 12 and 32 and Cumberland Air 11 ***

Harrisburg Bureau of Fire Recalling five Firefighters and one Officer for manning of Engine 2 at City Station 2.

0631- Transfer, Cumberland Engine 115 and Truck 50 to City Station 1 and Engine 40, Truck 34 and Rescue 44 to City Station 2.

*** 0640- 4th alarm Engines 40 and Cumberland 115, Rescue 44, Trucks 34 and 50 ***

0643- Transfer, Engines 32 and 41, Trucks 46 and 57 (Middletown) to City Station 1, Engines 43 and 34 and Truck 456 to City Station 2.

Standby, Engine 31-1 at Station 31.

Standby, Truck 35 at Station 35.

0659- Special call, Engine 2 with Harrisburg Bureau of Fire Recall personnel to the scene and Rescue 40 to scene to supplement Engine 40.

0702- Transfer, Engine 69 (Duncannon) and Truck 48 to Station 32 and Lebanon Truck 1 to Station 34.

0707- Transfer, Engine 47-1 to Station 30.

0715- Chief 1 ordered incoming A Platoon to fireground.

0723- Special call, Engines 41 and 34, Truck 57 (Middletown) to the scene.

*** 0724- 5th alarm, Engines 32, 43, and 31-1, Trucks 46 and 456 ***

0729- Transfer, Rescue 56 to Station 44.

0732- Special call, Truck 35 to the scene.

0736- Transfer, Engine 50-1 and Cumberland Truck 8 to City Station 1 and Engine 33-2 to City Station 2.

0746- Special call, Air 35 to the scene.

0756- Transfer, Engine 55 to Station 34.

*** 0821- Fire under control by order of Chief 1***

0827- Special call, Special Unit 34 to scene for the 40″ PPV fan.

0836- Special call, EMS M 1-2 to scene.

0844- Standby, Cumberland Engine 16 @ Station 16.

0857- Engine 33-2 and HFD Chief 3 handle an AFA at 1301 N. 6th St, The Lick Bldg on the 6th floor and found unattended cooking.

0859- Special call, (by EMS) Tanker 37 to scene for folding tank so overheated personnel could cool off. Tanker 37 dropped their tank, filled it and returned to quarters.

0950- Transfer, Cumberland Engine 3-30 to Station 43.

0957- Engine 33-2, 50-1, Cumberland Truck 8 and Chief 7 handle another AFA at 1301 N. 6th St. The Lick Bldg.

1000 to 1030- B Platoon relieved at scene.

1201- Special call, Cumberland Engine 210 and Squad 14 to the scene.

1208- Special call, Cumberland Rescue 18 to the scene and transfer Cumberland Engine 36 to Cumberland Company 15 and Cumberland Engine 23 to Cumberland Company 14.

1223- Special call, Cumberland Squad 16 to scene.

1240- Transfer, Engine 37-2 to City Station 1.

1245- Special call, Cumberland Truck 8 to the scene and transfer Truck 57 (Middletown) from scene to City Station 1.

1305- Special call, Engine 50-1 and E33-2 to the scene.

Transfer Cumberland Engine 1-15 and Truck 34 from the scene to City Station 2.

1438- Special call, Rescue 59 and York Rescue 68 to the scene.

1607- All first alarm units released from the scene.

1634- Special call, Wagon 3 to the scene.

2041- Special call, Engines 6 and 2 with Captain 3 to scene for further ventilation.


COMMAND POST – Chief 1(Konkle) and Dauphin County Chief 32-2 (Gevers) located on Commonwealth Ave (in the street) at the Main Entrance to the PennDot Building.(Side 1)

STAGING-Chief 8(Reed) located on Forster St.(Side 4)

SAFETY-Chief 2(Berry) on Fifth Floor

INTERIOR-Captain 3(Hartman) on Fifth Floor

LOGISTICS-Chief 3(Kuntz) at Command Post

PIO-handled jointly by PennDot and Mayor Reed

VENTILATION-Lieutenant 10(Pelton)

Watch a a short video at

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Saturday, June 15th

9:00am – 2:00 pm

Bookspan Parking Lot

1225 S. Market St, Mechanicsburg

Life Lion Medical Helicopter @ 10:00am

Rascal from the Harrisburg Senators arrives @ 10:00am

Live Music from 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Pickles the Clown, Sparky the Fire Dog & Smokey Bear


Hamburgers & Hot Dogs – Car Wash – Bake Sale

Apparatus Displays – Children’s Safety House

Car Seat Inspections – Other Emergency Services Displays

All proceeds to benefit 2013 Cumberland County Fireman’s Convention 

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Apartment Fire – Lower Allen

Last night around 2015 hours, Rescue 28 (with 7) was dispatched as part of the 1st alarm assignment to Bethany Village West for reported smoke inside. The first in units arrived with smoke showing and deployed an attack line. The rescue arrived and did a search in the apartment of orgin. Company 28 had 10 personnel on scene.


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East Gate Plaza Fire – 5/1/13

On Wednesday, Engine 128 & Truck 28 were dispatched as part of the 1st Alarm assignment for smoke from a building at the East Gate Plaza in Hampden Township. The plaza is currently being torn down for a new gas station and bank. Companies in the area have previously trained at the building. As units were enroute, CC911 advised units of multiple calls of a working roof fire. Engine 128 (with 6) arrived behind Engine 3-12 (Lower Allen) and reverse laid 900 ft of 5 inch to a nearby hydrant. The crew then pulled a second handline from E312 to knock the visible fire on the roof down. The crew also assisted with overhaul and opening up the roof. Truck 28 did not make the response due to not having a driver. U28 did respond with additional manpower. Crews operated for about 2 hours. No injuries were reported. A special thanks to Staub’s Photography and Carole Jo O’Keefe for the pictures.

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50 Years Since the Brandtsville Train Wreck

April 28th was the 50th anniversary of the Brandtsville Train Wreck. The Carlisle Sentinel has published an article featuring Russ Baker, an honor member of the Washies and the events that ensued on that particular day. The article can be read below.


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New Technology for the Apparatus

Today, First Mobile Technologies was here to install our recently purchased tablet computers featuring Iron Compasses OnScene Xplorer mapping software. These computers will permit us to use up to date mapping programs instead of out of date run books that are obsolete. We were able to buy 3 tablet computers for the Engine, Rescue and Truck.  The tablets were purchased from monies from the State fire grant. A special thanks to Troy O’Neil for coordinating the purchasing since multiple departments purchased tablets.

Tablet Tablet

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Time for Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend, the Washies took advantage the this past weekends nice weather to spring clean the apparatus. The members took time to clean out the compartments and wash off the winter road salt/dirt. We appreciate the time they spent doing this!

Engine 128 Engine 128 Rescue 28 Utility 28 Truck 28

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Monroe Out Building Fire

At 1322, Rescue 28 (w/7) was dispatched on the 1st alarm assignment to the 800-blk of  Fisher Road, Monroe Twp. in the 25-08 box for a building fire. Chief 23 (Salter-Upper Allen) arrived on scene confirming a working fire in an out building. Rescue 28 arrived behind Company 25 (Monroe) and Engine 127 (Citizens) and immediately went to work assisting their crews. Crews assisted with overhaul and fire attack. Company 28 had 11 personnel on scene and cleared within the hour. No injuries reported.


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