Truck 28


Type: HD-85 Mid Mount Platform
Chassis: Ferrara Igniter Custom Fire Chassis; Cummins ISM-500hp engine; Allison 4000EVS transmission; Igniter extended medium cab with 8″ raised roof; Seating for 8 (5 airpack seats, 2 flip down seats and a drivers seat); Bostrom SecureAll SCBA Seats; Federal Signal Backing and Sideview Cameras; Whelen PFA 12V LED Brow and Side Scene Lights
Body: Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Fire Body; Fire Extinguisher and spare SCBA Cylinder storage over rear wheels; Hinged double pan compartment doors; Ground ladders and pike pols stored inside full length torque box
Aerial: Heavy Duty Mid-Mount Aerial Platform built by Smeal; 85′ Vertical Reach at only 72 Degrees; 81′ Hortizontal Reach at 0 Degrees. 1000 lb tip load while flowing 1000 GPM; Parapet Roof Ladder Bracket; 500# Rapelling Arm in Platform with Stokes Mount; Blue LED Rung Lighting; Elkhart Electric Monitor; 2-1/2″ discharge in platform
Features: Whelen LED Warning Lights; Zico Docking Lights in each outrigger service panel; Whelen LED Underbody Lights; On-Scene Solutions LED Compartment Lights; Harrison 10kW Hydraulic Generator; 4 Fire Research 500W fixed Mount Lights; 2 Hannay Electric Rewind Cord Reels; 2 Fire Research 500W Telescopic Lights on Platform; 500W Landing Light under Platform


  • Full NFPA Ladder Complement
  • Full Salvage and Overhaul Gear
  • 2 Vent Saws
  • Rescue Saw
  • Chain Saw
  • 2 PPV Fans
  • 2 Negative Pressure Fans
  • 1- 50 Ft Platform Mounted 1 3/4 Attack Line
  • Various Hand Tools
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Chimney Kit
  • Salvage Kit
  • Sprinkler Kit
  • Hose Ramps
  • Stokes Basket
  • MSA 4-Gas Meter
  • 8 SCBA w/ Spare Cylinders
  • Multiple Hooks, Tools and Shovels


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