Rescue 28

This unit was sold to the New Portland Fire Department of New Portland, Maine in July 0f 2016.

Rescue 28 was owned by the Washington Fire Company and housed at station 28. Purchased in 1994 from 4 Guys it’s based on an HME 1871 Series Chassis. Its primary role is as a structure piece for fire ground support. With the complement of onboard rescue equipment its suited for medium rescue capabilities as well. Seating for 10 firefighters.

Included is a 25 Kw Generator with 23,000 watts of total lighting including a 9,000 watt Command Light and 2-200ft cord reels.

Additional Rescue Equipment

  • Maxiforce High Pressure Air Bag System
  • Cribbing
  • Crash Bags
  • 200 ft Air Reel
  • Rescue Saw
  • 2 Sawzalls
  • Rescue Chains
  • Miscellaneous jacks & chain hoists
  • Oxy Acc. Torch
  • Slice Pack
  • Portable tool chest with wrenches,
  • Sockets, Air tools etc.

Additional Structure Equipment:

  • 2 Salvage Vacs
  • Numerous Tarps
  • 20′ Extension Ladder
  • 12′ Roof Ladder
  • Multi-gas Meter
  • Combustible Gas Meter
  • PPV Fan – Gas & Electric
  • Exhaust Fan
  • 2 Vent Saws
  • Shoring Jacks
  • A wide variety of hand tools

The air cascade system consists of 9 high pressure cylinders with a pneumatic booster pump. Combined, these features allow for the filling of up to 95-4500 psi cylinders.

A large walk in section includes 7 SCBA seats, a command desk, and stores all metering and electronic equipment. All medical equipment along with additional absorbents and rope/rigging equipment are located here as well.

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