Jr Firefighter Program

The Washington Fire Company was one of the very first companies in the Harrisburg area to start a Junior Firefighter Program.  With almost 20 years of molding young fire recruits, the Washies have developed the perfect program for getting our young people involved and keeping them involved.  This is a totally hands on program which permits emergency response to areas both inside and outside the Borough of Mechanicsburg.  The program acts as a base for the individual’s future in emergency services.  Many Washies have moved on to paid departments making the fire service their career choice.


Q:  How soon can I run on emergencies?

A:  Each new junior member must take a basic knowledge and equipment location test before they are issued gear and allowed to respond on emergencies.  Preparing for this test usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete, however, the exact time needed depends on the individual.

Q:  Are there any limitations on when I can respond?

A:  Yes, the fire service is governed by Pa Child Labor Laws.  A complete rundown on these laws can be found at Pennsylvania Junior Emergency Service Compliance Manual. In addition there are some specific incidents types which Jr members may not respond on.  These include dispatched Hazmat Calls and certain Police Assist calls.

Q:  What Can I Do?

A:  Again, review Pennsylvania Junior Emergency Service Compliance Manual it will cover most issues

Q:  How old must I be to get started?

A:  You can be voted into the company at age 14.

Q:  What about training?

A:  The Company pays for all training.  The Chief will review any training requests and decide if the type of training is appropriate for the age of the member.

Q:  Can you meet with my parents?

A:  Yes, contact us and we will gladly meet with and answer any questions or concerns your parents may have.

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