Fire Prevention

Our Community

The most important asset of any fire company is the community it serves and protects.  The understanding and respect of its residents inspire and drive the membership.

Mechanicsburg is still a “Small Town” community in many respects.  This trait is its appeal.  Not only are we trusted with its protection, but also with educating its residents, both young and old. We have many programs aimed directly at our residents, from smoke detectors to seat belts.  We give fire safety presentations each year during fire prevention week at the schools and at scout meetings.  Education and community involvement are integral parts of the fire service, just as important as hoses and nozzles.

Smoke Detectors

Starting in 2000 the membership committed to a program aimed at putting at least one smoke detector in every residence in the borough.  With backing from local businesses and a grant the program was launched via a media blitz offering smoke detectors to any resident free of charge.  The first year alone we distributed 114 smoke detectors with an additional 65 distributed in 2001.  As of 2010, over 7000 smoke detectors have been given to residents through this program.  Still to this day, smoke detectors are available to residents free of charge and can be obtained by contacting the station.

In addition to distribution our members confirm that smoke detectors are present and functioning properly in any residence in which we respond.  If none are present or the detectors are not functioning properly the resident is supplied with one before our departure.

Fire Prevention Education

Our fire prevention education program has experienced tremendous growth over the last 5 years.  Thanks to the dedication of our members we now teach fire safety every year to all children in our first due area through grade three who attend public or private schools and day care centers.  Each year we are responsible for educating over 1200 children to the dangers of fire and how to handle an emergency situation.

This program is made possible by the fire company and local business funding.

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