Jubilee Day Brings 4 calls to Station 28

Today, June 16th, Company 28 responded to a total of 4 calls. The first call was for a automatic fire alarm in the 200 block of East Main Street. Engine 128 arrived first with 6. Upon further investigation, crews found a minor smoke condition inside from a fire in the fireplace.

Then around 10 am, Engine 128 (with 5) was dispatched to Hampden Township for a fuel spill on East Trindle Road. Engine 128 arrived first and found a fuel truck leaking multiple gallons of fuel leaking in the parking lot of a gas station.

Not long after returning from the fuel spill, Rescue 28(with 4) was dispatched in place of Rescue 30 to Carlisle Pike at K-Mart for an auto accident with unknown injuries. Rescue 28 was cancelled enroute.

Just as things were picking up in the Jubilee Day crowd, Engine 127 and Rescue 28 were dispatched to South Arch Street And East Keller Street for an Auto Accident with unknown injuries. Chief 28 responded and was advised of possibly 5 injuries and with 1 vehicle with against the building. Both units arrived and crews split up by assisting with patient care and checking the interior of the building and securing the utilities. Crews were on scene with approx 1 hour.

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