4 Runs Ends May including 3rd Alarm Fire

This morning, shortly after 10 am, Companies 28 and 27 were dispatched for an AFA in the borough. Chief 128 responded and placed the box inservice due to a false trip.

About an hour and 30 minutes later, Rescue 28 was dispatched on the 3rd Alarm assignment to New Cumberland Borough for the house fire. Crews were on scene with a working fire in a 2 1/2 story duplex. Command had requested the 2nd Alarm shortly after arrival and the 3rd alarm due to the heat and limited manpower. Rescue 28 arrived with 6 personnel and assisted with cleanup. Company 28 returned shortly there after.

Not long after returning for the house fire, both companies were dispatched for an AFA at another business in the borough. Chief 28 and Engine 128 (with 6) responded not long after dispatch. Chief 28 arrived and found a false trip. The box was then placed in service.

At 23:13, Rescue 28 was dispatched to Hampden Township on Rt 581 just prior to Interstate 81 for an Auto Accident with Entrapment. Rescue 28 (with 9) assisted Company 30 on the scene with patient care and debris removal.

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