Team 500 Activated – Newberry Township, York County

At 17:11 on Tuesday, December 14th, Team 500 was requested for a RIT response to Newberry Township, York County to assist as the RIT team to York County ATR. York County ATR and Harrisburg Rescue 1 were operating on an active Trench Rescue at a construction site. Company 28 responded with 9 personnel. Team 500 arrived and staged while the other crews worked to free one of the victims. The first victim was freed around 21:30 pm. Company 500 was then put in charge of recovery of the second victim. Crews started working diligently at 04:00. The victim was finally removed at around 06:30. Company 28 was available at 07:00. A good job by all members of all emergency services on hand. No Injuries were reported. Pictures and a better description will be added after the conclusion of all investigations and inquiries into the incident.

While crews were operating in York County, Engine 128 and Truck 28 were dispatched to assist Upper Allen Township with a Deck Fire in the 23-01 box. Chief 28 arrived to find a minor fire. Engine 128’s crew extinguished the fire and held it to the point of origin. Engine 128 responded with 7 personnel and Truck 28 responded with 3.

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