Daylight goes to work in Upper Allen

At 12:38 pm, Rescue 28 was dispatched on the 1st alarm assignment for a stove fire in the 1500 block of Fisher Road, Upper Allen Township. Rescue 28 responded with 6 personnel. Chief 23 arrived on scene with fire showing from Side C. The Rescue arrived behind Engine 123 and assisted with fire attack and search. The crews got a quick knock on the fire and held it to the kitchen and dining room area. Rescue 28 was out about 1 1/2 hours. No Injuries were reported. York County Engine 65-1 was dispatched to transfer but was not needed due to additional staffing of 4 on station.

Not long after crews were done cleaning up, the tones were dropped at 15:08 to Staples in Hampden Township for Smoke in a building. Rescue 28 responded with 10 and assisted with investigation on the interior. A faulty HVAC unit was found to be the cause. 5 additional personnel were on station.

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