Team 500 Activated – Marysville, Perry County



Late Thursday evening, Team 500* was put on standby for a vehicle into a building at Specialty Bakers, 450 North State Rd in Marysville. Companies 6, Cumberland 19, 20, 18 and Dauphin 37 arrived to find a Mini Van into the building with 2 occupants trapped. Team 500 was then requested to the scene. Rescue 28 responded with 9 personnel. The crew then assisted with shoring and cribbing, locking out of utilities and scene accountability. A crane was brought in to assist in removal of the van. Sadly, both occupants succombed to there injuries. Team 500 had a total of 44 personnel on scene as well. All crews worked well together. Company 28 was available at 08:01 am on Friday.

*Team 500 is the Cumberland County Technical Rescue Operations Team (TROT). It is comprised of Companies 18 (Citizens-Enola), 27 (Citizens-Mechanicsburg), 28, 30 (Hampden), 45 (Carlisle Fire & Rescue) and 54 (West End-Shippensburg). The team responds on incidents including but not limited to strcutre collapse, trench rescue, and confined space rescues.

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