2018 Election Results

On Thursday evening, the members held their elections for the upcoming year.  The following members were elected for 2018.  Congratulations to all…….

Fire Officers

Fire Chief: Gary Neff
Deputy Chief: Marty Kaberle
Assistant Chief: Koni Hench
Captain: Lynn Fernbaugh
Lieutenants: Chris Bixler, Elizabeth Neff
Safety Officers: Joe Metallo, Ron Trace

Administrative Officers

President: Ron Trace
Vice President: Matt Trace
Recording Secretary: Shannwa Smith
Financial Secretary: Joe Metallo, Sr
Membership Secretary: Paul Askey
Treasurer: Tim Yeakle
Assistant Treasurer: Elizabeth Neff
Fireman’s Relief: Ron Trace
  Gary Neff
  Leisa Grimes
  Chris Fenicle
Board of Directors: Matt Trace (Chairman)
  Koni Hench
  Brad Livezey
  Derek Weiler
  Savannah Toddes
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