What’s next? 9 calls for Tuesday

Early this morning, the Engine was dispatched to Franklintown for a transfer while units operated on a barn fire.  Unfortunately,  the engine was unable to respond.

During the morning commute, Co’s. 28, 27 and 30 were dispatched to East Simpson Street in the borough for an auto accident with an unconscious patient.  R28 (with 4) arrived and assisted EMS with patient removal.  No other services were needed.

At approximately 6:15 pm, Chief 28 came across a transformer & pole on fire along S. Arch St.  Engine 128 (with 5) arrived and awaited PP&L.  During this time, county received multiple calls on the Simpson Street/Main Street corridor for multiple transformer explosions and wires down.   Lt. 128 (Hench) handled the calls on W. Simpson St / W. Main St. and also awaited the arrival of PP&L.  Engine 127 was dispatched to assist but before responding, the tones were dropped for an odor of something burning at a restaurant in the borough.  Truck 28 & Rescue 28 were dispatched to assist.  The truck crew assisted with checking the roof top units for a malfunction.  With coordination between Chief 8, Chief 28 and Fire Police Captain 8-1, Cumberland County Team 800 (SPERT) was dispatched to assist.  Most traffic lights along Simpson St were out due to the power outage.  Once the different fire police units arrived,  both locations were cleared by Co. 28.

About an hour after clearing the other calls, Co. 28 was re-dispatched to S. Arch St. for a pole fire.  Chief 28 arrived and confirmed the pole was again on fire.  While crews awaited the arrival of PP&L again,  Truck 28 was dispatched on a fire alarm on Heinz Rd.  The Truck staged per Command 8A and was released.  Chief 28 then returned the units on Arch St and turned the incident over to PP&L.

Once back at the station and members were about to go home, a call was received from a homeowner advising they had a odor of gas inside.  The caller was prompted to call 911. The homeowner and the station both called.  Engine 128 (with 6) arrived and investigated.  Crews metered the house and had a slight odor.  Crews were unable to find a source. Command 8 then placed the box in-service.

Thank you to all the members and Fire Police from other departments who came out to assist. It is greatly appreciated.

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