Annual Award Banquet

On Saturday, at the 155th Annual Awards Banquet, the following received awards:

Top Ten:
1. Alex Goldman
2. Chris Trace
3. Sean Forsythe
4. Joey Metallo
5. Ken Kise
6. Lynn Fernbaugh
7. Ron Trace
8. Chris Turnbull
9. Pete Faranov
10. Bob Spangler

Top Driver – Joey Metallo

The Top Ten is awarded to members with points totaled from all fire calls, trainings, meetings, fundraisers, etc.  We do not include the fire officers in our Top Ten as they are expected to perform their duties diligently throughout the year.

The following awards are decided upon by the winner’s peers.  At the end of the year, members are asked to submit names and reasons why the individual deserves the award. The first award is the Robert E. Dietrich Memorial Award. Bobby unfortunately passed away in 2007 and left a big hole within the Washies family.  The Washies was his family and called it his home. He always went above and beyond for the department.  Any member within the department is eligible.  The second award is the Joseph Beigh Junior Fighter Award. Joey loved working with the younger members in the department and unfortunately lost his life in 2003.  This award is presented to a member between the ages of 14-18, who shows him/her self as the future of the department.

2012 Robert E. Dietrich Award – Sean Forsythe
2012 Joseph Beigh Junior Award – Chris Bixler

Congratulations to all the award winners.  We can never thank you enough for your time and effort!  It definitely does not go unrecognized.

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