Sunday Townhouse Fire goes 3 Alarms in Upper Allen

Just after 4 pm, Engine 128 (with 7) was dispatched as part of the 1st alarm assignment to Upper Allen Township, 600 block of Allenview Drive for a reported house fire. Chiefs 23 and 223 marked up right after dispatched advising a heavy column of smoke. Engine 128 arrived after Engine 223, finished their split they to the nearby hydrant. The crew went to work right away, assisting with fire attack, primary/secondary searches, water supply and throwing ladders. Truck 28 (with 3) was dispatched on the 2nd alarm assignment. On arrival, the Truck setup and went to the roof to assist Truck 23 with opening up. Rescue 28 was dispatched on the 3rd alarm assignment and assisted with safety and cleanup. Crews operated for 3 hours with no injuries to report. A total of 5 townhouses suffered damage. Engine 19 (West Enola) stood by while Company 28 was at the fire. Company 28 had over 20 personnel assist or standby at the station.

While operating on Allenview Dr, Engine 228 (with 3) was dispatched to a Working Mobile Home Fire on Rolo Court in Upper Allen Township. Upper Allen PD arrived on scene and knocked the fire down with a garden hose. Engine 313 (West Shore) and Truck 36 (Mt. Holly) who both were covering Company 23 arrived on scene and held units on scene. Engine 228 was placed available while enroute.

Just prior to midnight, Company 28 was dispatched for the rekindle of the townhouse fire in Upper Allen.


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