Monday Brings Fire Prevention, 3 Calls including a Working Fire

Yesterday, the daylight crew headed to the Kindergarden Academy to do the yearly fire prevention program. Well over 200 students were in attendance. While presenting the importance of fire safety, Engine 128 was dispatched to assist EMS with Lifting. Crews then returned to finish the class.

Just after returning from fire prevention, Engine 128 (with 3), was dispatched to the Churchtown section of Monore Township to assist on a 2 alarm house fire. The engine arrived and assisted with fire control, salvage and overhaul. Engine 128 cleared after 3 hours. Dauphin County Engine 37-1 (Rescue-Susquehanna Twp) provided coverage for the station while we were operating. We thank them for transfering since most departments in the area were on the incident.

Then around rush hour traffic, both Companies 27 and 28 were dispatched to the 1st-block of West Main Street for a Fire Alarm. Engine 128 arrived first in with normal conditions. Crews investigated and found no problems. The box was cleared in 30 minutes.

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