Fire Prevention Day 2

FF Turnbull showing a student the Gear. FF C. Trace teaching.

Today, the crew headed out to Northside Elementary school with Rescue and Truck 28  to continue this week’s Fire Prevention Activities. The 131 students were given a review of Stop, Drop and Roll, 911, Smoke Detectors and this years theme “Knowing 2 Ways Out.” At the end of every presentation, we brought forward a student that was scared of firefighters. We gave this student the hands on opportunity to help the firefighter get dressed and being more comfortable with the fireman. Each student that helped out did feel more comfortable when they were done getting dressed. At the end of each session, each class had the chance to go outside and look over the apparatus and “climb” inside.

FF K. Kise climbing the truck for some students!


Jr. FF Freeman giving tours of the Rescue

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