3 Runs on Monday include Work in Monroe

Truck 36 (Mt. Holly Springs) with Aerial OperationsSide C, after the collapse

2/13/12 – At 12:11 pm, Engine 128 (with 5) and Engine 141 (Union-Carlisle) were dispatched for manpower to assist Companies operating in the White Rock Acres development of Monroe Township for a working house fire. Units arrived on scene with heavy fire from the 2nd floor. Engine 128 made the 11 mile trek to nearly the top of the mountain. The development sits on the southern end of Monroe Township overlooking both York and Cumberland Counties. The engine arrived and sent its manpower forward. Crews assisted with fire suppression, salvage and overhaul. While Company 28 members were operating on the C/D corner, the structure suffered a collapse on Side C. All personnel were out of the way and none of the firefighters were injured. Company 28 cleared around 4 pm.


On the Arrival of Engine 128Side C, minutes before the collapse

At 1921, Engine 128(with 8 ) assisted Hampden with a Auto Accident in the Gateway Plaza.
After 2100, Companies 28, 27(Citizens), and 37 (Navy Base) were dispatched to Apple Drive for an odor of smoke inside a basement. Chief 28 arrived with normal conditions. Crews found an odor but were unable to determine to cause. Units cleared by 2300.
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