Training Night Interrupted for Reported Bathroom Fire

As members were reviewing the use of the In-House Cascade System and the On-Board Cascade System on Rescue 28, Cumberland County 911 toned out a reported bathroom fire in 27s first due at 20:09. Engine 128 (with 8 ) responded and arrived first in. Chief 28 and Chief 127 confirmed the fire was out. The crew from the Engine checked for extension with nothing found. The fire was caused by a candle, sitting on a towel, on a toilet that caught the wall and towel on fire. The homeowner put it out with a bucket of water prior to our arrival. The box was quickly reduced with units clearing by 20:40. Rescue 28 (with 5) and Truck 28 (with 4) also responded. Company 28 had a total of 24 personnel for the call.


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