CO Problem in Downtown Apartment Building

Last night around 1915 hours, Company 28 was dispatched to the 1st-blk of East Main Street for a CO alarm. The alarm was received from Knight Security. Crews arrived to find CO readings throughout the building ranging from 30-5o PPM. Crews checked all sources that could of caused the problem and isolated those units. Upon speaking with the landlord, tenants had to relocate for the night til a service technican could arrive in the morning. Rescue 27 was special requested to assist with an additional CO Meter.

The problem ended up being caused by a neighboring building doing remodeling. They were using a Generator in the sealed up buiding with no ventilation, causing the CO to leak into the neighboring building. This is a reminder to anyone using generators, they need to be placed outside where they can ventilate properly. Luckily none of the occupants in either building were sick or this could have been a much worse situation.

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