2012 Washington Fire Company Officers

Last night at the monthly fire company meeting, elections were held for the new year. Assistant Treasurer was also created to assist the current treasurer with his/her duties.

Administrative Officers:

President: Ronald Trace
Vice President: Douglas Hench
Recording Secretary: Nissa Kise
Financial Secretary: Joseph Metallo
Membership Secretary: Collin Miller
Treasurer: Jeffrey Crishock
Assistant Treasurer: Timothy Yeakle
Board of Directors: Douglas Hench, Chairman
Sean Forsythe
Joseph Metallo Jr
Michele Motter
Timothy Yeakle

Fireman’s Relief: Koni Hench
Robert Spangler
Christopher Trace
Ronald Trace

Line Officers

Fire Chief: Andrew Bixler
Deputy Chief: Michael Fahringer
Assistant Chief: Jeffrey Peters
Captain: Brian Snyder
Lieutenants: Koni Hench
Casey Leinberger

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