Halloween Snowstorm makes for a busy Saturday

Today Company 28 ran a total of 11 calls during the snow storm. The first of many was a tree down in the 27-01 box at West Main and High Streets. Engine 128 responded and cleared within 20 mins. While enroute back to the station, E128 and Truck 28 were dispatched to Upper Allen for a tree on a house with and electrical fire. Truck 28 and E128 responded with a total of 10. Command 23 held E128 and E223 and placed the remainder in service. About 2 mins later, Rescue 28 was dispatched to Camp Hill for wires and tree on fire next to a house. The rescue was placed in service by command 14 while en-route. E128 then responded to West Simpson Street for trees on wires to the rear of a residence. Approximetly 30 mins later, Engine 128 Rescue 28,and Truck 28 were dispatched to Monroe Township in the 1000 block of Trindle Road for an electrical fire. Company 28 responded with a total of 18 personal, and cleared the call within 10 mins. While returning from the call in Monroe, Engine 128 came across a tree down blocking the rooadwya in the 400 block of West Main Street, crews worked for about 20 mins. Crews finally got a break to eat dinner, and take a short rest. Then next round of calls occurred in Monroe and Upper Allen Townships. Truck 28 and Rescue 28 with 11 personnel were dispatched for a  chimney fire at Sinclair and West Trindle Road in Monroe. Tr Engine 25 arrived and found nothing. While on location, Company 33 came across a basement fire on Nixon Drive. Crews arrived and worked for about an hour. While crews were clearing from the basement fire, Engine 128 and Rescue 28 were dispatched to Rolo Court in Upper Allen for CO poisoning. Engine 128 arrived first and metered the building for gas with nothing found. Company 28 responded with 11 personnel . Things were finally starting to calm down when the tones dropped again. Rescue 28 and Truck 28 (with 14) were dispatched to Silver Spring Township for a shed fire in the 33 box area. Units were canceled enroute.  A thank you to all Company 28 members for the help during the day and evening .Another big “THANK YOU” you to Mrs. Motter and Mrs. Beistline for making “THE 28 BOYS” a great dinner.

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